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Blissful Heart Holistics 

By Charlene Locke

Holistic Therapist, Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Sound Healer. 

I am an Intuitive Healer who offers one to one Reiki and ascending master healing, Reflexology and Gua Sha Facial therapy. 
I also hold retreats and training sessions for Reiki & Crystal healing.
Usui Reiki
Seichem Reiki
Reiki Attunements
Crystal Grid Healing
Sound Healing and Reflexology
Reiki & Crystal Healing Training. 

My therapies are all centered around holding space to allow others to heal. Whether that be through a sound healing session, reiki, crystal healing or reflexology – each person’s session is unique to them.
A one to one session can vary from sonic sound waves, crystal bowls, sacred symbols, crystal grids, or hands-on reiki & reflexology healing to provide the perfect space for clearing, letting go and making way for the new.

I am based within Serenity Clinic & Caldy with a separate booking system please contact me directly on 07949376286 or

Facebook - @clockeholistic

Instagram - @charl13chloe


Gua Sha Facial


Crystal rollers & Gua Sha tools have been used for centuries throughout China for detoxifying and lymph drainage of the skin, which leads to more brightness, clarity, and a glowing complexion. This facial combines award winning skincare, soul soothing facial massage & all the amazing energy of the crystal rollers. This is so much more than a facial it’s a healing journey to bliss.

Sound Frequency Healing


Using a combination of quartz crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs & drumming. Sound therapy induces a deep meditative and peaceful state, clarity of mind and intuition. Sound vibrations hugely impact our nervous system, helping us to relax and heal as well as stimulating the immune system.

Excellent for stress, anxiety, conic fatigue, depression and long term illness. Suitable for anybody & all ages.

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Usui Reiki & Seichem Reiki


Usui Reiki is a powerful flow of energy healing, which takes care of the body, mind and spirit.

* Boosts the bodies own healing mechanisms

* Helps with emotional upsets, grief & bereavement 

*Reduces stress and anxiety 

Seichem Reiki is a living light meaning it is a different and higher vibration than Usui Reiki. It was one of the most practised ways of healing in ancient Egypt. Using ancient symbols, mantras it provides a deeply transformative healing, working on spirit, mind, emotions & physical bodies.

Crystal Healing

Chakra Balancing

Crystal healing has been used for many centuries to bring about balance and harmony, each crystal has a unique property and energy which work with our physical, emotional & spiritual bodies. Crystals can help aline us with love, raise our self esteem and balance our emotions. This treatment is used as part of your Reiki, Reflexology or Sound Healing sessions.




Using ancient techniques and pressure points it works on the entire bodies systems, providing balance and harmony in essence its a whole body MOT.

* fertility

* supporting the body through pregnancy

* painful periods & PMS

* arthritis & joint pain

* lymph drainage

* migraine relief 

* boost energy levels

* deep relaxation 

Handmade Godess Ritual Products

from £9.50

Beautiful fresh batches of goddess bath rituals & scrubs, containing 100% natural ingredients. Also available handmade sleepy oils for children.

charlene treatment.jpg

Ascension Reiki Training & Blissful Heart Retreat Days

available in clinic or venue of choice

Ascension Reiki Training - I offer Reiki attunements and crystal healing training. Level 1, 2 & 3, not just for those who wish to be therapists but for all who are drawn to these energies to assist and support them through life.

Blissful Heart Retreat Days - These retreats can be full day or half day and are tailor-made to meet your requirements. Retreats can include Sound healing journeys, Reiki, Meditation, Salt rituals, Cacao ceremonies and even Yoga.

Ideal for friendship groups, families, baby showers, hen parties, school groups and individuals wanting a unique experience. 

Blissful Heart by Charlene Locke: Services
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